Monday, April 25, 2011

Succulent Love

Okay, I have recently been working on my green thumb. I have been growing quite the eclectic mix of plants, flowers, and vegetables over the last month. I got a little crazy with the $1 bins at Target and began growing things from seed in addition to bringing pre-existing plants back from the brink of extinction. I have been introduced to the wonderful world of succulents. My friend showed off her plants and I fell in love with her baby toes. *whimper* Now today I see this awesome coffee table with a succulent tray built right in the middle of it over at Far out Flora. I'll keep you posted on my new obsession. I need to do more research on what kinds and how to care for them.

Baby Toes
Matti's Succulent Table
Succulent table
Succulents Galore, An  Assortment Of 25 Colorful QUALITY Succulents, Great For Wedding Favors, Centerpiece, Bouquets And Boutonnieres
Succulent Collections


  1. This friend of yours sounds awesome however she is mostly inspired by you! <3

  2. To my friend, I say the feeling is most definitely mutual!


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