Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roller Skating continued

Cleveland Rollercade

My dad over the years has shared with me his fond memories of roller skating with his dad at the Rollercade in Cleveland. Due to my recent post he forwarded some information regarding where he used to skate. Low and behold my dad had the honor of roller skating in the largest roller rink in America. The floor was the size of a football field! If it was even possible, my dad's cool points just went through the roof!

Before disco balls and leg warmers there was the Wurlitzer organ, which supplied the soundtrack for all the fun times and indelible memories. I've had the privilege of experienceing a Wurlitzer at Pizza and Pipes in Santa Clara (before it was replaced with a big screen tv). It was amazing how it controlled the whole room full of musical instruments and animatronics.

I did some digging and found this video of skating to the sounds of the Wurlitzer which is awe inspiring. 2 min. 30 sec into the video there are couples skating together as if they are dancing on a ballroom floor. When we think of "couples skate" you grab a partner and skate in a circle. *yawn* Oh how I wish it could be like it was, like in the video as they glide in unison across the room.

Please check it out.

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