Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweet Succulent Success!

I found my first "must have" succulent this morning at Trader Joe's! I had to do some research when I got home to identify this lovely creature. It is a haworthia cuspidata and the cutest ever! I also love the cute pot they came in. I have a big pot I am saving for a collection of succulents. I have a growing list that I would like to put together in an arrangement for my balcony. Please click on the photos for a close up, they are really stunning. I love the transparent vein like design on the tips of each leaf. They are called star window plants for this reason.

Not sure why both cats had to check out the plant at the exact moment I decided to take a picture, but it works.

ps. This in no way has stopped my search for the infamous "baby toes". 

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