Monday, July 25, 2011

Interior Rearrange

It all started with trying to clean the house and turned into flipping all the furniture around.

I bought a rocking chair from Pier One awhile back, but it never worked in any of the places I had envisioned for it. Also, it real didn't rock very well on carpet. (sigh)

So, in the midst of rearranging I found the perfect place for it. I moved the dining room furniture into the living room and created a nook for my plants (The succulents that I had to transplant due to inappropriate potting and to much Vegas sun.) and the rocking chair. The little table I got at a consignment store for $23.00! I enjoy rocking and looking out the windows, watching the birds, and just relaxing. The area is perfect for my knitting or a great book nook.

I love the cup o' baby toes!

Watch for more progress shots!

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