Friday, October 14, 2011

Been a Busy Girl!

My life has been crazy lately with all the running around I have been doing. My head is swimming with all the deadlines I have going on right now personally and professionally. Oy-Vey!

I thought I'd share some sneak peeks of something I am finishing up. I have to paint the border edge and varnish it. I have another one in the works that I am chewing on the idea of a floral pattern in the back. I feel it is not complete, but unsure of what is missing. I'll set it aside and know the idea will hit me when I am in the shower. Some how that is where my greatest ideas come from! It might be because of the theme song for Indiana Jones playing in my head. ;)

Worked on this while catching up on Greys Anatomy!! By Constantly Constance  (Taken with instagram)

I am looking forward to making prints of this one. I think it will be perfect for a little girl's room. The colors are so cheery and fun! How can you resist primary colors?!

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