Monday, December 26, 2011

December Whirlwind

Most of my December was spent painting commissions and selling my art, which was its own Christmas blessing. I was so honored that so many people gave the gift of my work to their friends and loved ones.

The last week of December has been spent in Hawaii enjoying the amazing things the island of Oahu has to offer. I decided to spend Christmas with my sister who lives and works here and let me tell you it has been awe inspiring. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending so much quality time with my "bestie". I wish we didn't live an ocean apart. Thank god Skype was invented to enable us to chat more frequently!

I think I have gained 40 pounds just off all the amazing noodle places we've been! After living in Las Vegas for the last 10 years, I have come to find foliage and the colors green and blue a very precious commodity. I have LOVED being in the midst of so much jungle and ocean. My favorite part of starting every day I was there was sitting in the window seat with the constantly cool breeze coming in, while I sipped my coffee and watched the multitude of birds feed off the fruit trees in the back yard. I loved watching the clouds and sun come up over the mountains each morning too. My sister and I went exploring with hikes up cliffs at the beach and into the jungle on other days. I have spent most of the week taking pictures of all the plant life I could and can't wait to go through it all once I'm home and able to start incorporating it into my work!

In the end, my trip was amazing with all that I was able to experience and see, but most of all was the time I was able to have with my sister and to have shared it with her. 

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