Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taking the Time to Paint

It has been awhile since I have written and an even longer while since I have made art. I haven't been feeling well and decided I needed a time out from the grueling schedule I have had. The weather is beautiful this weekend and I am taking the time to paint. I have been experimenting with my newest addition to art supplies (toys). I decided to try to paint my latest commissions using gouaches. I suggested she paint on wood and she suggested gouaches. The perfect blend of awesome was created! The picture below is all the base colors and I have to add all the tiny details. I like the shape and size of this wood, but I HATE the texture and surface. It is almost impossible to paint on without bleeds! I am determined to make it work, but will never paint on this wood again. I have three more paintings to go and then a dog double portrait to do. I think I will save the dogs till Spring Break.

Newest commission work in progress.  (Taken with instagram)

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