Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cute as a Button! - Handmade Brooches

Since I have been on Summer vacation, I have been a creating machine! I stay up working into the night and wake up before the sun is up because my brain has kicked on with all the glorious things I need to make!My brain says, "There are things to make! You can't sleep your summer away!".

I have been wrestling with a few knitting projects the last few days and undecided about a few more.

More importantly though, I have begun to paint and draw again! I've just been cruising through some smaller projects to get me sea legs. Not to mention, they are just too much fun to make! Here is a sampling of the hand drawn buttons I made yesterday. They are cute individually or as a set!

I recently added a new fox to my collection as well. I have been experimenting with gouaches rather than my usual acrylics. The colors are more subdued than with acrylics even when they are watered down, which is the way I prefer to work with them. I like to layer and build up my colors for richer pictures. I've also been experimenting with coloring my drawings in rather than trying to paint my pictures. So far I am liking the results, more trails and errors to come.

Thanks for letting me share!

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