Monday, September 24, 2012

Fish Saga: Part 2

I have more baby fish than I can count in my tank now. They blend in so well and are so numerous, it is ridiculous. The gravel floor seems to be alive with all the fish surging through the cracks and crevices.

I set up my old 5 gallon tank and moved the daddy fish into that one. I was also able to move 2 of the babies with him. I am going to have to wait till the fish grow bigger before I can try and capture more to transplant them into their new home. I am trying sand rather than gravel this time for the ground cover. I read that cory like it better, so I am giving it a go. (Wish me luck!)

I'll try to post pictures soon!


Daddy fish is now living in banishment with 9 of his off spring, Sparty and Triton keeping him company amongst those. This morning I was feeling it was the equivalent to the cone of shame being banished. After I got home from work today, I added more babies and changed the tank decorations and am feeling much better about the tank. It was feeling very cold and alien, but it feels very welcoming and I quite like it now.

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