Friday, July 11, 2014

Adventures of Being a Home Owner

      In 2009 when I bought my condo the garbage disposal was already limping along. I rarely used it, only on those occasions when it would back up and I had no choice. It required using the unjamming hex wrench to give it a jump start. Always an ordeal and it sounded like the loudest lawn mower chewing rocks when it ran. Just one of those things I kept putting off. Well, the monstrous thing finally died last night and I had to buy a replacement. I ended up buying a mid-range disposal that has a 7 year warranty. When I uninstalled the previous disposal I found that it had a good sized crack on the back. Yikes!

Needless to say, I am happy that everything went smoothly. I followed the directions and now have a wonderfully quiet new garbage disposal that runs beautifully. Playing with my tools was also a lot of fun. I love building a making things. It has given me such a sense of pride to know that I was able to accomplish this all by myself. 

Pepper doing the initial assessment.

Crack I found on the back of the old disposal!

Boo helping with the final inspection.


  1. I am OK with a sewing machine, but my hat goes off to you, because I would have called a plumber and suffered the cost.

  2. Thank you, but I am envious of your sewing skills! I only have the ability to blow sewing machines up and make smoke come out of them. That is one talent I always wished I had. I simply followed the directions and crossed my fingers and thankfully it all turned out. Not going to lie, correctly connecting the electrical wires was stressful. I was sure when I turned it on the first time I was going to see sparks shoot out. No sparks or smoke so far!! ;)


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