Saturday, August 16, 2014

Switzerland Day 3: Old Town Bern revisited and the Kunstmuseum

Kunstmuseum doors
On our third day of exploring Switzerland we started with the Kunstmuseum of Fine Art. I was introduced to two artists that have become new favorites, Albert Anker and Ferdinand Hodler. I appreciated the figurative work and techniques of both artists. Anker was more traditional and softer with his lighting and subject matter of everyday life. As a knitter, you can see why I also fell in love with the painting pictured below. Hodler's pieces dealt with religious themes and was much more contemporary in style. I appreciated his style, color pallet, and stylized human figures. My jaw hit the floor when we came upon their old masters collection in the basement. They had pieces from three of my favorite Italian Renaissance artists: Fra Filippo Lippi, Fra Angelico, and Sandro Botecelli.  I studied these masters in college and to have the honor of seeing them in person was truly awe inspiring.

Albert Anker (Swiss artist, 1831-1910) Christine Knitting 1887
Ferdinand Hodler: The Chosen One 1893-94

Following the museum, we walked the streets of Bern until we came to the open market held in the Barenplatz where we had the most amazing lunch. We chose a restaurant that served traditional Swiss food. My sister and I shared a dish of rusti (potatoes) with macaroni and chess with bacon all mixed into one delightful dish. YUM! After lunch we continued our tour of the town. We explored more of the streets and ended back at the river Aare. There we cooled off my sticking our feet in the refreshing cold water. Our sore feet appreciated the relief! We ended our day with returning to the market to buy fresh strawberries and ingredients for dinner.

The beauty of the water still astounds me with its perfect color.

The Munster in the distance. I really liked the buildings in the foreground next to the bridge.

Cooling our feet in the river watching struggling baby shrimp wash up on the steps we sat upon.

Bundehause, Federal Assembly building as seen from across the river Aare.

Across the river looking back at the top of the construction on the Bern Munster gothic cathedral.

I love the wood raving and architectural details!

More details and ornate carvings on the buildings.

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