Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pottery Progress

Sorry I rarely post anymore. I am never home anymore to have access to my computer. I am practically living at the ceramic studio these days. I finished painting the rabbit this weekend! Wahoo!!! I'll post more about that when I get better photos. For now I will share my wheel throwing adventures. Since I started back up with Clay Arts Vegas back in August I have been experimenting with both sculpting and practicing my pottery making. After finishing the rabbit I needed a break from sculpture. I learned how to make handles last week and have been having a lot of fun with mug making.
First attempt at handle building.
Round two of handle making and mugs.
Experiments with under glazing and decoration.
Tuesday I was introduced to a new clay body and am infatuated! It is smooth and creamy to work with and resembles chocolate. How can a girl resist!? I am able to throw really thin pots the way I like. I have been fighting the various clays I've been working with so far. Up until this point, I might have been able to produce 4 bowls in one sitting, because the rest flopped. Last night I was able to crank out all the pots in the photo below. I think all the practicing I've been doing contributed to it, but I also think I found the right clay for me. The only down fall I've found so far with this clay is that it stains my hands really bad and is a pain to clean up. Trust me though, it SO worth it!!! The next step is glaze experiments. I have a knack for turning my beautiful creations ugly when I  glaze them. Fingers crossed! No uglies!

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