Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tales of a Cycling Addict

Yes, it's true. I've been bitten by the cycling bug and there is no cure except for more riding. I have been sick for the last week and was going through withdrawals because I couldn't ride. There is such an overwhelming sense of freedom when riding my bike. It is a drug I can't live without.

I love the air whooshing past me and feeling closer to nature as I cycle away from civilization. Early morning rides are my favorite, the bunnies and quails are out and about as well as the air smells sweeter. This morning was no different! Today I'm reveling in the sense of accomplishment from tackling the big hills behind my house. There is a dirt path I decided to test out today and am very proud to say I didn't eat it! It is meant for mountain bikes and my hybrid was powering through as best it could. The rocky slopes go straight up and down and I managed to live through them. So exhilarating!!!! Making it to the top and relishing the burning sensation in my muscles as I survey the waking valley below is such an amazing high.

The start of my ride!

I love watching the sun come up, especially with such beautiful clouds!

The clouds made the best shapes this morning and the shadows they created were even better.

I'm likin' the lichen! 

View of the strip as seen from the McCullough Hills trail.

I just liked the color of the rocks.

The rust against the contrast of the sky caught my eye.

So much fun!


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