Sunday, June 5, 2011

Growing Success

I spy tomatoes on their way!
(I spy with my little eye baby tomatoes)

I raided the $1 bins at Target in March and have been diligently tending to my eclectic mix of baby seedlings. I am proud to say that my mini tomato plants have baby buds on them! The plants themselves are about the size of my hand. To be honest, I wasn't expecting buds till they got a lot bigger.

My zinnias have reached 20 in. tall and are starting to flower as well! Only 1 out of 3 have opened enough to see the color they have been secretly hiding away. When I first started my tumblr account, I was documenting the seed growth, but decided it was silly to post all the time. I have bragging rights now so here they are.

Zinnias in bloom! (Taken with instagram)

(Both photos were taken with instagram.)

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