Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Art Room Pics

I am very proud of my re-organization of my classroom this year. The powers that be decided I needed crazy technology hanging from my walls like a speaker system controls and a projector mounted on an arm. I am trying to forget about these monstrosities and horrible eye sores. I did want to share what I love about my room. The pictures are of the new table organization and classroom management system incorporating the paint splotches on the table with coordinating jobs listed on the cabinets. Last year each table had a job to help with classroom management, but this year I decided I wanted each table to be it's own microcosm and be self sufficient. It will take a few weeks to get into the groove, work out the kinks, and get the kids properly trained. So far, I am loving it! I have my first year under my belt and I am ready to rock and roll this year.

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