Monday, June 25, 2012

Fire Aftermath - Recovery

There was a fire two buildings up from me last week and I've been dealing with the after effects since. Seeing the building with the blackened remnants of the roof's frame is a constant reminder of your own mortality. I was down wind from the blaze and have been doing a lot of cleaning to feet rid of the stench of smoke. I have also been suffering with sinus issues that have been causing me to lose my balance and come close to passing out multiple times. I have so much pressure in my ears and eyes that it has made it difficult to knit, paint or read: all the things I love to do on summer vacation. Hard to go for a walk when I can't stop falling over and its hard to  do any work when the pressure behind my eyes makes my nauseous. So, I've been sleeping a lot and taking lots of sinus medication. I hope it clears up soon.


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