Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank You Emily Winfield Martin

I have been a huge fan of Emily Winfield Martin for sometime. As I mentioned in the last post, I won two of her books on Wednesday. This started me thinking, "How does one go from being an artist to having a book published?". So I began to research and read up on all of Emily's sites. The website based on her new book Oddfellow's Orphanage is quite exquisit! It's here where I found the character page with an eccentric list of likes and dislikes for each character. Each one a small delicacy to get you thinking about who the character is. At that moment, lightening struck!

Inspiration had been lost on me for the past few months until that exact moment. I, Constance Stotzer, needed to write a likes and dislikes ledger! I grabbed my nearest composition book and went to work drawing and labeling columns to begin my list. Surprisingly, I have a page and a half of likes and not quite half a page of dislikes (I'm sure they will come to me when I am grumpier). My composition book also has pages now for a list of where I draw inspiration from, such as books and movies along with a list of odd words I collect, but that is another story.  In addition to my composition book, I am now working in two sketchbooks and on multiple paintings and illustrations simultaneously!

I love this feeling! When you can't scribble your thoughts and ideas down fast enough, scared they will fly out of your head and be lost forever. Well enough gushing, I have to get back to work!

Thank you Emily Winfield Martin for giving me the gift of inspiration!

Thank you,

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