Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday is for Spoiling Myself

I woke up this morning early enough the moon was still out in full force. I had made up my mind that I was going to have a full day of spoiling myself. What better way than to start with my morning coffee and some doodles. Sipping my coffee I began to work on some sketches and ideas for my next few projects. "Rooted in Wishful Thinking" has been the quote that has been echoing in my head for the last few days and has been the main focus of my sketches. I came up with a concept I liked enough to draw the outline of it to be colored in later.
"Rooted in Wishful Thinking"
It has been starting to get really hot here and I wanted to go for a bike ride before the sun was blazing. I gathered my things and headed out. I love running errands on my bike rather than driving in my car. It is much more freeing and relaxing somehow. I also had a lot of fun exploring some places I had never been. I reached the top of a mountain and sat back to catch my breath while listening to the trees hum with bees and the birds singing back and forth. My travels were nearing an end when my belly said I needed to refill. So I decided to treat myself to a picnic in a secluded little pocket of trees I found. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the quail while I sat in the cool grass eating my lunch.

"listening to the trees hum with bees and the birds singing back and forth"

I'm home now and ready to wash the dust off and take a nap. That will give me time to decide if I want to indulge in reading a book or finishing my drawing I started this morning. Who knows, maybe both?!

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