Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

I am in search of bathroom inspiration right now, but I wanted to share the ideas that helped me create my bright and happy kitchen. I can't help smile when I see it.

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The retro appliances are from Big Chill and are a complete dream come true! You might recognize the fridge from Rachel Ray's tv show. The picture below is where I drew most of my ideas particularly the color palette. Some day I will have a window in my kitchen! I love natural light in the kitchen, ability to open a window for fresh air and plants on the window sill. The accents in yellow and granny smith apple green are a perfect punctuation to an incredible statement. The challenge I faced was making sure the mural I have pre-existing didn't clash with array of colors I wanted to add to the room. Ironically, I felt it was like a cave even though the walls were white. I feel as though I was successful and I can't believe how it brightens the room.

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