Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Printables, Vintage

I found this great site called Vintage Printable that allows you to do searches for images to print. I typed in blue and these were some of my favorite images that came up. As a kid I used to love studying illustrated science and geography books. To this day I still love looking through animal guide books checking out all the variety in nature and the world around me. If you share my love and would like to decorate your house with these images, please check out this site. I also added the link to the Resources page for future reference.
Are there any specific topics of prints that you are interested in finding or found recently?

Animal - Insect - Butterfly - Blue and Yellow
Art - Haeckel - Microscopic - Radiolarian - Haeckel (15)Loading Image...Botanical - La Flore Des Environs De Paris -  (8)Loading Image...

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