Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Special: Aprons!

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I'd write about a symbol of the kitchen and cooking. My mother is an incredible cook! She makes your mouth water and your knees weak all at the same time with her amazing creations. She always says she isn't creative, but I disagree. My mom creates master pieces with the ingredients of her pantry as I do with paints on my pallet. I feel she mixes tastes and flavors as I do with color and line. She established a sense of home and family with great food and a tradition of always sitting around the dinner table to eat and to spend time together. Growing up there was never a lack of conversation, whether it intellectual or ridiculous, we still had each other. Although my mom was not one to wear the girlie aprons I am show casing today. They do represent where kitchen and design meet and a middle ground between my mother and I.

I'd love to hear about a fond memory that you have of your mom!


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Dita Von Teese via: February issue of InStyle magazine 2001

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  1. Oh, Dita. She is my major girl crush. So beautifullll....

    Anyways...I found your blog through your Etsy. LOVE your artwork!!!


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