Monday, May 23, 2011

I Got Baby Toes!!!

Tired of me talking about succulents yet?! Well I have achieved my goal of obtaining baby toes! The white pot in the corner of the picture is what I am building my succulent garden in. I was just so excited about finally finding my treasure I wanted to share. They feel like baby's toes too! Like the window tips of my haworthia, baby toes also have translucent tips.

The white plant in front looks like it has been wrapped in cotton candy, it's called a cocoon plant (go figure). Then of course there is the echeveria mazarine. I'm going to get some lavender tinted plants to add to the variety of my growing garden. So excited!

I'd love to hear about any new additions to your house! There is nothing like the accomplishment of growing plants and their beauty to add to your life.

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