Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Handwritten Letters and Snail Mail

I confess that I spend far too much time on the computer wasting my life away. Email, Facebook, Twitter, texting, and the long list of technology based ways that we communicate have become so impersonal. At least once a month I sit down and hand write cards to my friends and family. I let them know I am thinking about them, that they are in my heart, and ask them how they are doing. Pretty simple. I only get junk mail and bills routinely and when I do get that card in the mail from my sisters or grandparents it makes my day. So I try to do the same to those that are close to me. I wish you join me and do the same.

Another reason for my love of letter writing is an excuse to buy more stationary. This also allows me to practice my letter writing skills and newly acquired obsession, calligraphy for addressing the envelope.

Here is your homework:

Hand write and mail a letter to some one close to that has nothing to do with a holiday, just a simple "I was thinking of you" card or letter. It will make their day and their response will make yours.

If you're interested in becoming a pen pal, email me at constantly.connieart@gmail.com.

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