Thursday, August 18, 2011

Art-o-Mat Stash

My friend and I went to the Cosmopolitan Casino/Hotel to check out the local Art-o-Mats. We found that they had 4 machines divided into 2 areas. I am pleased with what I purchased and love the novelty of purchasing a sample of someones art for $5. I love the idea of miniature art works and it is a great advertising opportunity. My friend Thom at Whirledmud, who is currently participating in this, gave me the idea to have the Facebook page listed on the back of the work and ask customers to comment or post pics of the artworks new home.

Turchin Center for the Visual Arts
I am going to start production of a sample to send for judging and cross my fingers. I absolutely adore this idea and hope I can be apart of this art movement.

Here is a picture of what we bought last night. One is a darling painting of birds at sunset by Lindsay Mathews and the other is a mixed media work with miniature knitting on it by Pauline and Mike Griffin.

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