Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days Fast Approaching

With tomorrow the official day I have to report back to duty for school, I have been frantically trying to draw as many ideas for paintings before my momentum stops. All the wood plaques and boxes around my house are getting filled up with drawings to paint at a later date. Since I know me well enough to know that some days are idea/drawing days and other days are relax and paint days, I am trying to stock pile paint day activities to relax to when needing to unwind from work. Here are some of the newest works. I am having the best time with these little 2.5x4 wood plaques. So tiny and so cute.

Notice the school girl theme. Hmmm, wonder what is on my brain?!

Newest obsession 2.5 x 4’s baby wood. With school starting tomorrow, I have had school girls on my mind. (Taken with instagram) by Constantly Constance
(taken with instagram) by Constantly Constance

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