Monday, March 19, 2012

Box Bags

My friend who taught me to knit has gotten me completely addicted to box bags. She has various ones she uses for her knitting projects. I had been searching through Etsy to find one that I couldn't live without, since there are so many cute fabric patterns to choose from! Well I found the one I had to have! And like all addictions, I can't wait to find another one I can't live without! The turtle bag below is my first box bag and I look forward to showing off the next one to you as well! The cuteness factor is almost unbearable!

I bought my turtle box bag from Ginger at  AbsoluteWonder on Etsy. She had some cute surprises in my package that made my day and excellent customer service! I love my bag and it is very well made! There is a lot of love that was put into making this bag. She also makes the cutest stitch markers. Please stop by and check her out!

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