Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ravelry Projects and Updates

I hurt my knee about a month ago and am still dealing with doctors visits and physical therapy. Since I have been immobile and need to spend hours icing my knee, this has given me plenty of time to sit and create. I have not been inspired to draw or paint (feeling quite guilty about it too), but I have been drawn to my knitting. I have been a busy little bee with so many projects! With all my hard work and diligence, I have been making leaps and bounds with my skills and feel that recently it "clicked". With my new projects, I have been learning to knit with double pointed needles, use sock yarn, change colors within a pattern, and learn the basics of crocheting! The end goal currently is to be able to make a sweater and do it well. This will be a huge under taking and a longer process than I am used to.

I've spent the morning updating my Ravelry project photos now that I've figured out a better way to do so.  It's hard to get excited about my finished projects and accomplishments when I have a page full of ghetto photos.

 Here are a few of my recent projects:

Still plugging along with the BeeKeeper's Quilt. Hexipuffs are like crack!
Work in progress on bag.

Finished product!

Scarf WIP. Half way done with this one!

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