Saturday, June 30, 2012

Knitting for Charity - Preemie Hats and Baby Booties

I was touched by a posting on the Eat.Sleep.Knit discussion board on Ravelry of a tale of loss and recovery. One of the moderators of the group asked for assistance in making hats and baby booties for preemies after she recently lost her baby prematurely. I jumped on the chance right away and made my first baby hat! First thing this morning I also made a drawing and framed it for the person requesting assistance. I'm not sure if I should share her story or not, but if you are a member of Ravelry please check out the group discussion.

If you’d like to join us - and we hope you will - you can send your knitted items to:
Eat Sleep Knit
ATTN: Knits for Preemies
6400 Highlands Pkwy, Ste I (the letter not the number)
Smyrna, GA 30082

They’d like to make the donation on July 26th, which was her daughter’s due date. If this is something they get a lot of interest in, they’ll keep doing it on an ongoing basis.

Ravelry has lots of patterns for preemies, like this Preemie Hats for Charity pattern or these darling Olivia Preemie Booties. Or if you’d like to make a blanket for swaddling, the size should be roughly 18’ x 18”. All of the items are of course small and most knitters will find they knit up in less than an hour. The hospital doesn’t have any yarn requirements except that ideally items should be knit in more traditional baby colors like pink or blue, pastels, as this can be more of a comfort to grieving or scared NICU parents. Oh, and it definitely does not have to be knit in yarn from ESK - we’ll just be thrilled that anyone wants to do this with us.

Here is my donation that I am mailing off today. I was so excited to wrap the picture I made that I forgot to take a photo of it prior to wrapping and sending. Ooops!

Thank you,


  1. Got here via Raverly. Thanks for posting. I will also knit as a tribute to Amy.

  2. Thanks Monica! I'm glad you stopped by and especially glad your joining us for the tribute and love!


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