Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reading Marathon - Hunger Games

I just went on a Hunger Game reading marathon. Finished all three books in three days. I suffered from really bad sinus headaches for the past two days so in between drug induced naps I read the books. I even stayed up till 4am to finish book two since I was unable to put it down. Sadly, I hated book three, but that it because I disagree with the direction the story went not because of bad story telling.

I have to confess that Hunger Games is my new motivation for working out and helps my endurance. Since I awoke with no headache this morning, I took the opportunity to go for a bike ride. I just bought a new bike a few days ago and because of the headaches have been unable to ride. I live on the top of a really steep hill, so the first part of my ride is always far too easy (deceivingly so), but the ride home is all punishment. The whole time I am struggling up the hill, in 90 degree heat, and pretty sure my body is going to give out on me, I just keep telling myself, "If Katniss can endure all that, then I can make it up this hill!" and I did. I look forward to trying it again tomorrow.

Victory is mine!

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