Thursday, February 21, 2013

Art and Evolution

I have been making and creating work at a break neck pace for the last few months. It is all consuming trying to keep up with deadlines. My eye is on the prize right now. I am still working on pieces for my solo show for April. Which if you don't know is right around the corner. . . (panic is setting in).

I have to confess that I keep changing my mind, theme, ideas, materials and technique. I start a series of paintings and decide I'm over it. Then I start on a new tangent and am over the whole idea after to long drawings. sigh. How am I going to have a show when it is all so eclectic?!

The gallery owner fell in love with the two pencils drawings I submitted for the last group show and asked if I'd do a solo show. I have been all over the place with style and ideas with creating more of them. I've been frustrated with going from too literal to too cartoony and either way feeling I am losing the aesthetic value of what I am trying to portray in my art. As I'm sure most artists can relate.

I am and have been my worst enemy through this whole process. 

Constantly Constance
I spent most of this past weekend beating my head against a brick wall. Wasting too much time on drawings I didn't care for. Then lightning struck! Growing inside me was a feeling I could do better and that my pencil drawings were lacking. So I decided to take a shot at drawing a more realistic person with the colored pencils. I decided to draw myself (mostly) as a character in one of my concept drawings. When I was all done, I was shocked and amazed!!! I had NO idea I was that good. To be honest, I felt I was leagues away from being this good and why I chose to be lazy and draw the more cartoony style I had grown accustomed to. It is still a work in progress, but it gives me great confidence in knowing I have stepped it up a notch and that I really am that good.

I have so much to do before my show, but I finally feel like I have work that is gallery worthy. I am excited and look forward to the opportunity to show everyone what I am capable of! 

Speaking of evolution. . .

I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing the evolutionary practice of art making as it is flubbed, messed up, and redone, again, and again, and again. My drawings are not coming out anywhere near what I had originally envisioned, but I am liking the path they are taking and riding it out. So here is the transformation of my current project as I originally drew it to what it looks like as of now (though I'm still working on it).

Flyers and announcements are coming soon!!!! 
"Kismet" artwork by Constance Stotzer 
at Blackbird Studios April 5th - 26th.

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