Monday, June 10, 2013

Newly Inspired Works

After receiving a small pencil drawing from Edith Lebeau,  I have been on a pencil kick. What I mean by this is I have been obsessed with my fellow artists and their pencil drawings. I have been in awe of the talent and imagery that they have been creating. I have been feeling that I need to get back to basics and strengthen my skills and what better way to do that than with pencil and paper. I dug through old tool boxes to collect my old drawing pencils and set to playing and reconnecting to skills I haven't practiced in so long.

I wanted to share what came out of my play time. Inspired by artists: Audrey Kawasaki, Mary Ann Licudine, Asa Ishino, and Dilka Bear.

Prints available at
Here is a short video clips in the process of making it.


  1. I used to be really quite good at drawing - I found a few old pieces a few weeks ago and decided to try drawing again. I'm not very good anymore! It'd take more practise than I'm willing to get good again, but I've tried a different tact. Since my shading abilities have all but vanished, I've tried digital stuff instead. I draw by hand and ink it before scanning in and adding colour. I'm not too good at that second part, yet, but I'm not too bad at the first part :P

  2. I keep trying to stay in the habit of at least a daily doodle, but never stick to it. :/ It's like anything else you got to keep it maintained. Sounds like a new years resolution.


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