Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sorry for the Hiatus

Hello again!

Sorry I haven't post in a while. If you ever feel I have fallen off the planet, I post most frequently on my Tumblr and Instagram sites. As to what I have been doing with myself since my last post, well...

After school ended I busied myself with painting a mural in our school's front lobby. This cut into my precious summer vacation by two weeks. Once that was wrapped up, I dove head first into cleansing and purging my house. I couldn't figure out how one person could have filled every inch on storage in the place. I needed to be able to breath again and to have room to grow. I made many a trip to Goodwill and to the dumpster. In essence I took back control of my house and of my life. My solo show, being plagued, and playing catch up effected my being able to properly take take of myself. After all that, I went out of town to visit with my folks. It ended up being the best birthday I've had in years.

Close up of current work in progress.
#oilpainting #constantlyconstance
Second oil painting ...ever!

I'm back and in the midst of the marathon of art making before I have to be back at school. I have a little less than two weeks left and the days are disappearing before my eyes. I have watched so many artists switching over to oil paints and decided months ago to buy a starter set, but hadn't the time to test it out till recently. The oil paints are Winsor and Newton and water soluble so there is no stinkiness or headaches. I love them! They are so buttery and creamy to work with. Still a lot to learn before perfecting them. I've been having problems with them drying out too fast while I'm painting. Dry summer heat in the desert probably isn't the best atmosphere to be painting anyhow. I've got commissions that I have been slowly working through and more piling up.

Hummingbird and fuchsia shadowbox 5.5 x5.5 x 4in.

#wip #constantlyconstance #colorpencil #paperart #prisma #hummingbirds #fuchsia
Example of a miniature shadow box soon to be available at The Springs Preserve gift shop.

The most recent excitement was art curator of the Springs Preserve touring my studio Monday. I'm honored to say that she has asked me to sell my work in the gift shop and has me in reserve for the next show. I have miniature shadow boxes to complete for January to sell there. So much to do!

All this on top of completing work for galleries and school projects galore!!!

Thank you for your continued support!

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