Sunday, April 27, 2014

Watercolor Weekend

Continuing the underwater theme my art has been taking me, I spent the weekend working with my watercolors and gouaches. Hopefully in an effort to hone my skills and figure them out. Saturday was spent working on a jelly fish that I'm pretty sure I ruined. Partial blame for the disaster is the cheap watercolor paper I used. I have set it aside since the jellyfish and I are fighting. This morning I even attempted to touch it up with color pencil with no luck.

Onto the successes of today! I began with a lovely painting of a seahorse for which I am quite proud of. Following that was an attempt at a starfish and then round two for another seahorse. I learned a lot from the first painting and was excited to try it again now with certain strategies figured out. The paintings measure 4"x 6" and took approximately three hours to complete each one. Here are the successes of the day:

Work in progress shot.

Watercolor and color pencil: Starfish in progress

Watercolor painting: seahorse

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  1. They are beautiful! I might have to commission one from you for my fiance.


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