Sunday, July 13, 2014

Switzerland Day 2: Buren an der Aare

On our list of "must see" places was Buren an der Aare, the birthplace of Stotzer. We woke up early and drove out to meet the lovely people in charge of the archives at town hall. While we were there, we met other Stotzers and learned the history of the town and its inhabitants. We come from a long line of farmers and metalworkers or schlossers. Downtown is only has about a one block radius that is surrounded by farm land. I loved the colors and architectural details.

Illustrated Map of Old Town

Mold from creating the town's bell for the clock tower which includes all the families' crests.

Detail of the bell mold with the Stotzer family crest. It is the arrow between two stars and above three hills.

Original clock gears for the clock tower.

We had lunch down by the river Aare by the historical covered bridge. The weather couldn't have been nicer that day. We soaked in the view and digested all the new knowledge of where we came from. 

Down town as seen from the window of town hall. One of my favorite things in Switzerland were the arched walkways.
The most elaborately decorated building was that of the police station and jail. 
Interior of town church with the pipe organs and elaborately carved ceiling.
Ceiling of town church

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