Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School - Bulletin Boards and Lesson Plans

Tis the time of year to go back to school. I have been busying myself with lesson planning, bulletin board making, and restructuring my classroom management. This last week has been spent browsing Pinterest and Art teacher blogs gathering ideas and getting inspiration for how I want this school year to  run. I feel there are always ways to improve my teaching style, classroom and time management, and efficiency. I have found a treasure trove of ideas on the internet and have been working to putting these ideas to good use.

Color Chameleons found at Paint samples from Home Depot.
Through Pinterest I found a great idea using paint samples to show tints/shades and I plan to incorporate this in two ways. First, each table in my room seats 6 students and each seat is assigned a color. These colors are assigned a job so that each table works as a team in being responsible for their materials and supplies. Next to each of the chameleons (shown above) I post that colors job description.  The second way I am using these is for the simple visual demonstration of tints and shades. What I do not have pictured is the grey scale that is also included. I love how it is two for the price of one! Classroom management and informative all rolled together!

Pepper was helping hold down the cut outs so they wouldn't fly away.

BLUE and yellow make green, not Boo and yellow. Silly Boo!
Another bonus with this particular set of cut outs is it demonstrates how colors are mixed to create secondary colors (shown above). I also saw a great poster idea that said "Complimentary colors say the nicest things." I bought a second set of chameleons to make this poster, having them talk to one another.

So cute! I will try to post more pictures once I set my classroom up. 



  1. What great ideas! What would you do without such willing furry helpers? :)

    Now you've reminded me that classes start in about a week and I have not yet started my own lesson planning. :S

  2. My boys are very good supervisors! I've been having a blast preparing this year for school. :D


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