Friday, August 3, 2012

Chicken Salad Recipe

With the temperatures being well into the triple digits this doesn't inspire cooking. I've been hungering for chicken salad and now that I began making it again, I can't get enough! Chicken salad tastes great with blue corn chips or little baby pitas I bought at Trader Joe's. I change it up and make tuna salad and instead of eating it with chips or bread, I simply add more celery to make it more salad like. By the way, grapes compliment the meal perfectly!

I like my salad pretty basic, but here are the ingredients I use:

canned chicken (or tuna)
chopped celery
small amount of finely diced red onion
ground pepper
tsp of pickle relish or finely chopped pickle

I don't usually eat pickles or relish, but it does add a little bit of a bite. I will pick the pickle off my food when I go out to eat and save it for making chicken salad. Not sure why else they put it on my plate, when I never ask for it and it is certainty never listed on the menu. Asking my friends for a pickle is good too!

Great for a meal or served as a party snack!
I hope you enjoy!


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