Monday, November 5, 2012

Cowls - Knitting During the Plague

Sorry for my absence, life has been insane lately.

I visited my parents last weekend as when I was there I knit my first cowl. Just as I was packing for my trip I received my shipment of Cephalopod yarn. Upon opening my package I was instantly and madly in love with the Forbidden Isle color. I had to find the perfect pattern to showcase this yarn and to work on throughout my travels. The night before I left I cast on my stitches and was even more in love with this yarn than before. I have been stashing this away for "just the right pattern" and had never actually knit with it. OMG! This yarn is like velvet chocolate running through your fingers as you knit. Needless to say, I was like an addict knitting my cowl all weekend. Two addictions were born with that project, cowls and the need to knit more projects with Cephalopod yarns. (sigh) My addiction to cowl making is the ease to which it knits up so fast and the other is the aesthetic and functionality of a cowl. I  love the snuggliness of scarves, but the long tails aren't that functional when they are in your way or getting into something. Cowls are the snuggle without the mess and are like a knitted necklace or other wardrobe accessory one wears to spice up an outfit. Joy!

I have had the plague and am trying my best to knit through my stashed yarn. I knit two more cowls this weekend. One I redid 3 times, because I didn't like how it was turning out functionally. There are dozens of things I need to do and feel no desire to do any of them. All I want to do is knit. I can't tell you how regretful it is that I live in the desert and it is still in the 80's. I'm wearing a tank top and flip flops. If I could move my job to California and was able to afford to buy a little bungalow cottage, I would move back in a heart beat. (big sigh)

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